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This blog is mostly for beginners (like me ofcourse) who are planning to start learning Kotlin. It’s not a project or a tutorial but something that I feel I need on a daily basis. So without wasting any more minute, let’s dive in.

Declare a variable

Variables can be divided into two categories

The best part here is variables can be assigned with any type be a String or an Integer.

So declaring a variable in kotlin is as simple as:

var thisIsModifiable = 1
val youCannotChangeMe…

A very simple question isn’t it? It used to be simple but now it’s not. Rather very difficult. In this coronavirus outbreak, you are not quite sure about how you feel.

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Hello coders! This small post is for people who want to work on their Problem-Solving skills. I was also studying and found that there are not many resources to help us out. So I decided to make youtube videos while practicing. This would help me build confidence, can be used by other folks and by me as well for future reference. It is very useful if someone is preparing for job interviews 😜. Below is the link to my video

practice-questions is a repository that I created in GitHub which contains solutions to a few of the questions:

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Let me know in the comments in case you want me to make videos on some particular topic. 😊

We have seen basics of Machine Learning, Classification and Regression. In this article, we will dive a little deeper and work on how we can do audio classification. We will train Convolution Neural Network, Multi-Layer Perceptron, and SVM for this task. The same code can be easily extended to train other classification models as well. I strongly recommend you to go through previous articles on the basics of Classification if you haven’t already done so.

The main question here is to how we can handle audio files and convert them into a form which we can feed into our neural…

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