A very simple question isn’t it? It used to be simple but now it’s not. Rather very difficult. In this coronavirus outbreak, you are not quite sure about how you feel.

  1. Am I scared? Obviously yes.
  2. Do you regret you are not with your parents? Yes!!
  3. Do you feel you should have traveled to your hometown? Not at all. Because it is an individual’s responsibility to remain where he is and not travel. You might catch the virus and contaminate everyone else.
  4. Do I have enough groceries to survive the lockdown? I just hope I do.
  5. You watched “Contagion” and now you are pretty sure how it is going to end.
  6. You want things to be normal again ASAP. You don’t go out that often, but still you feel like sipping coffee in Starbucks will make you feel better. (Hell no!!)
  7. You are trying to convince your parents that everything is perfectly fine so that they are not worried. (Which by the way is a fact, everything IS fine with you till date)
  8. You are tensed about your brother who is in Europe. You just want him and his wife to be safe.
  9. You are worried that somehow if you catch the virus you might transmit it to your loved ones.
  10. You are sad that you are not going on your so planned Europe trip!
  11. You are trying to keep yourself busy by trying out all sorts of weird stuff. Which actually might not be that bad. Just like writing this article.
  12. You read news every day and hope these “Numbers” get reduced. Hoping to see a piece of news which says “Vaccine found. Situation under control.” And in a blink, all this is over as if it never happened.
  13. You are thinking… Why in God’s name, I am thinking so much.

There are so many things to think about, to get scared. The list is not going to end. But do you have a choice? No. You need to cope up with this. You can feel happy about how you are now (safe and sound) or be sad/scared (just because you are in lockdown).

Take a deep breath, relax and watch FRIENDS! 🤗 If you haven’t watched it till now, then it is the best time to start. It will make your time in quarantine memorable 😛 And eat Nutties! 😝

Codes a little 💻, eats a lot 🍕